Donald Trump Says that he got ‘higher ratings 9/11’ in interview about first 100 days


Donald Trump boasted that his “ratings” were over broadcasts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in AN interview concerning his initial one hundred days within the White House.

In AN interview with the Associated Press, the President railed against the “fake media”, former rival Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton and also the election throughout that he lost the popular vote.

When asked if he thought he had modified however individuals vote, mister Trump pointed to his “very high ratings”, claiming they exaggerated by 2 or thrice once he appeared on the Sunday morning shows.

He highlighted Chris Wallace’s Fox broadcast.

“It had 9.2 million individuals. It’s the best they’ve ever had. On any, on air, [CBS’ John] Dickerson had five.2 million individuals,” he said.

“It’s the best for ‘Face the Nation’ or as I decision it, ‘Deface the Nation’. It’s the best for ‘Deface the Nation’ since the globe Trade Center. Since the globe Trade Center weakened. It’s an incredible advantage.”

Several hours when the attacks on eleven Sept 2001, throughout which just about three,000 individuals died, mister Trump was interviewed on radio and claimed that since the Towers weakened, he currently in hand the tallest building in Manhattan. He was conjointly condemned for claiming around $150,000 of state funds for tiny businesses to urge back on their feet when the attacks.

The President conjointly incorrectly claimed that he saw Muslims applause and cheering as they watched the Towers fall, that might have contributed to AN anti-Muslim rhetoric that LED to a sixty five per cent spike in hate crimes against Muslims in 2015, as found by the law enforcement agency.

In the AP interview, the President conjointly claimed that Democratic representative prophet Edward Estlin Cummings told him he would be the “greatest President in history”. mister Edward Estlin Cummings has repeatedly immersed AN investigation into the President and his campaign team’s dealings with Russia, and has criticised mister Trump’s health care proposals.

“There’s progressing to come back a time once Trump isn’t progressing to be in workplace,” he aforementioned last week. “The question is what is going on to be left when the storm.”
Mr Trump claimed that Fox News was the “most accurate” network, and he had stopped observance CNN and MSNBC to avoid ‘negativity’ before work.

He conjointly insisted the press treated him “so badly” once he claimed last week there might need been a terrorism in France before the police had discharged details.

“I afore-mentioned it’s going to be a terrorism and MSNBC, I heard, went crazy, “He referred to as it a terrorism.” They thought it had been a bank theft,” trump said.

“By the way, I’m 10-0 for that. I’ve called every one of them [attacks]. Every time they said I called it way too early and then it turns out I’m … Whatever. Whatever. In the meantime, I’m here and they’re not.”

The President has had a contentious relationship with the press since he proclaimed his candidature for President in June 2015, and has attacked most thought publications from The Washington Post to The ny Times for publication “inaccurate” stories concerning him.